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Chattanooga’s head of military police “force” talks reform Bullshit to “residents” (here temporarily, to do business) at town hall.

Appearing in full military regalia, 5 stars, and all. Most of the assembled “residents” (here temporarily, to do business) went into ovation mode as the bigtime military boss-woman took to the podium. The mighty chief talks about reform while proudly

Refuse the Intimidation, and Crush your Traffic Ticket. The Kangaroo court has nothing!

The reason they have to do fraud in the hallway, is that FRAUD is the best they can do. Just let them know that you are a Living Soul (the corporate court hasn’t got standing with People), and squarely challenge

Prosecute false arrest/imprisonment under your authority, as one of the People of the Republic state.

Arrest without warrant is unlawful and a big reason this country was founded. The way the scam/racket of traffic arrests (that’s right) works, is that the arrest starts when the so-called officer turns on the emergency lights (doing so without

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