Having your own website of local news is powerful advertising for your own business!

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If it is a Law? Why is it not published? Where is it hidden, why is it hidden?

How could it even be possible for a corporation to order you to obey it, when that corporation will not print a copy and hand it to you? Instead, the People are just expected to just do what most others

Advertising the criminality of your local Municipal corporations is a great way for advertising your local business!

It’s a natural, folks want to know what sort of criminal the mayor is, and which is the best drycleaner in town. If you were the local newspaper, it wouldn’t cost you anything to advertise your local business every day

Advertise Your Business while you inform the other People of your county.

Why stand by to allow the “powers that pretend” to dominate the local news sources that are biased toward every tin horn dictator/ruler that jumps up with the claim of being the “ruler” of others, because he/she was voted for

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