How could it even be possible for a corporation to order you to obey it, when that corporation will not print a copy and hand it to you? Instead, the People are just expected to just do what most others are doing, assuming that some sort of a Law forces everyone to the same action, equally.

Hell, the Municipal corporation doesn’t even have any authority with regard to you, and their masquerading Tribunal hasn’t got jurisdiction, unless you authorized it by offering a plea.
If you didn’t do any of that, on top of not driving (commercial activity) in the first place, the masquerade of a Tribunal is necessarily VOID, by Law.

“Traffic enforcement” is a scam and racket against the People of a town, city, and/or county for the purpose of robbing revenue, from the People that authorized the corporation that is robbing them.

Because the streets belong to the People, not the hired janitors that are paid to take the garbage out, and sweep up.

Instead, you and your neighbors hired some janitors that swiftly figured out that their organization could steal everything in sight, lie to you about it, give themselves a raise in pay, and nobody minds.

Hell, the Mayor of Chattanooga expects to get voted in again, and nobody knows if he has filled the first pot-hole in Chattanooga’s swiss cheese roads. The People seem afraid to ask, and the news corporations certainly are not reporting.

Certainly nothing beside the latest execution by the city police. You know. The ones with the Chattanooga flag for a badge.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain, since big rich corporations allow us to use the streets too. As long as we pledge our cars, and get a license to use them on the public-right-of-way, and pay the fines designed to keep us broke.

I really shouldn’t mention anything about how the scam works, or how your own lawful authority, as a citizen of a Republic is used against you and your neighbors to keep all of you in a cage of deceit, locked by threat of violence.

Just remember that it is cowardly bullies that cherish government jobs most, since they can act out their fantasies of having power over People.
Remember that you can always verify that fact by Lawfully serving them with the LibertyLetter, which demands evidence of their Lawful authority.