It’s a natural, folks want to know what sort of criminal the mayor is, and which is the best drycleaner in town. If you were the local newspaper, it wouldn’t cost you anything to advertise your local business every day of the week, all over the county.

If you are a first amendment auditor, an website would be a perfect way to advertise your channel, and all the services of your website, in your local county. The overall web presence of the combined network will spread your news, and the news of your services, very widely and very quickly.

Because it is a website network, anybody with a smart phone can access your website in the network 24/7. Anybody doing that can also purchase all publications directly from your website 24/7 also. Access is free, unlike the local slanted and biased propaganda rag.

Since virtually everybody that works for a Municipal corporation is part and parcel to the criminal activity of “pretend” government fraud, and theft, you have an endless supply of the news of daily crime that interests average folks. Plus, you will be able to offer many valuable services that are just not available anymore, because of all the stealing and robbing, cheating and lying going on at city hall, these days.

Not only could you offer lunch at your hot dog cart, you could offer public notice, and a public record for reasonable cost, instead of the usual robbery for a classified ad, or Legal Notice.

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