Why stand by to allow the “powers that pretend” to dominate the local news sources that are biased toward every tin horn dictator/ruler that jumps up with the claim of being the “ruler” of others, because he/she was voted for by a batch of residents.

While some are actually voted for, the criminal organization pretending to be Lawful government has corrupted all elections by limiting them to only residents (not the People), allowed to vote.
Same with the qualifications for who is “allowed” to run for any public office.
A pretend government dictates that, not the People.

In some cases, the military enforcer is appointed and hired by some other “pretend” official, like a governor, or mayor.
While the actual truth of America is that no one has a greater Lawful authority with regard to anyone else. No one, no group.
The People of America, govern themselves, and no one else.
No matter the military rank they may pretend.

Even the governor likes to get in on the act, as phony so-called religious leaders will gather around to help publicize the fraud that you are ruled over by your equals.

Make your Declaration of Independence, and Lawful notice to fraudulent corporate government of who you are. The People are not subjects of corporate government. Make sure they know that.

The Liberty Letter is the most powerful affidavit of status that you can use to assert & establish your Lawful Immunity. That is what America is founded on.
It also will open the secret door for your State citizen Passport.

Liberty Letter

Liberty Letter


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Then they also know that arresting you for exercising your Lawfully established God-given rights is a crime. For which you may prosecute. Full instructions included.

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