Because the criminal actors can get the idea that you might know and be certain of your status, as a “Living Soul”.
They, and their kangaroo court, have no Lawful standing with People, and usually won’t risk providing you with evide

The penalty for a judge’s Treason is up to death. Most judges like to play stupid, and are good at it.
But, they do comprehend just two witnesses to their Treason against YOU in open court, and they have a big problem.

“Crush your Traffic Ticket”, is becoming known by the criminals of the Municipal corporation. Let them know what you know.
Dress yourself (People), and your witnesses (People also) in the Law of the Republic, so you will be dismissed promptly.

Get Yourself, and your witnesses thrown out of the corporate court, for being a smart-ass that they have no standing with, and comprehending what “VOID ab initio” is.