The reason they have to do fraud in the hallway, is that FRAUD is the best they can do.

Just let them know that you are a Living Soul (the corporate court hasn’t got standing with People), and squarely challenge the jurisdiction/authority of the court, as you are standing in the den of vipers, and they are completely stymied for what to do, besides commit more Treason against you. Right there in open court, in public, in front of you and your witnesses.

They are supposed to be smart, but, they get lost really quick when they discover that you are not trained to just lie down for them. And, comprehend that the burden of proof is on them

You will be surprised at how fast they will throw you out of their pretend court room, when you have properly challenged and discovered that they have absolutely no jurisdiction/authority with regard to you. That fact actually caused the matter to be VOID at the start, as soon as the dumb cop arrested you, without any Lawful Probable cause.

That fact will pay you handsomely, and they will give you all of the evidence you need to convict for the assault.

Corporate Government’s lack of Lawful jurisdiction is a Fatal flaw to all of the corporate revenue schemes.

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Crush your Traffic Ticket


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